Building Green

Rising fuel costs and concerns about global warming are leading more and more people to want to “build green”.   They want to build a home which is foremost energy efficient and which also reduces the home's impact on the environment. 


In addition to energy efficiency other important considerations include recycling materials, using renewable materials, using alternative fuel sources, and using efficient building procedures  To these ends the Energy Star Program was developed by the Environmental Protection Agency.  The goal of this program is to identify and promote energy-efficient products and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Making your home energy efficient reduces the energy costs for the average home an average of $200 to $400 a year and also reduces your home’s impact on the environment. 


 If you are building one of our system built homes, you are already half way to energy efficiency and to “building green”.  All of our homes are Energy Star compliant.  This means the house meets Energy Star requirements as it comes from the factory.  It includes quality insulation made of recyclable toxin free materials, high performance windows and patio doors, air infiltration barrier wrap, water saver faucets and shower heads, caulking of windows, doors, exterior switches and exterior walls, and use of Energy Star appliances to name only a few.  System built (modular) homes are actually evaluated better than site built homes when both are evaluated for Energy Star compliance.  This is because of the use of engineered wood, recycling of materials, reduction of waste by 50% - 75% over a typical site built home, and the use of efficient system built procedures in the construction of the home.


 In addition, your decisions about the site work done for your home will have a big impact on how energy efficient and “green” your home is. These include how the basement is built, the types of heating and cooling systems you choose, how we deal with materials and processes in the site work, etc.


 If you wish when your home is completed, you can have it field tested and certified as an Energy Star Home.  This may make you eligible for a $2000 tax credit.  In some cases it may make you eligible for lower rates offered in Energy Efficient Mortgages by your lender.


 We believe that energy conservation and working to preserve our environment are important and look forward to discussing alternatives with you to make these important choices for your home.


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