Energy Star

  • Our high performance modular homes are designed to meet or exceed the ENERGY STAR requirements. ENERGY STAR for homes is a US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) program designed to raise the energy efficiency of homes built across America by having builders adhere to higher standards with third-party verified accountability. Participating in the ENERGY STAR home program will reduce your home energy consumption and utility bills.
  • An ENERGY STAR qualified home in Southeast Michigan must achieve a HERS score of 85 or lower. Typically, this ENERGY STAR qualified home will be at least 30% more energy-efficient than a standard home. A HERS rating is an evaluation of the energy efficiency of a new home, compared to a computer-simulated reference house of identical size and shape. The HERS rating results in a score Homebetween 0 and 500. HERS ratings involve the analysis of the building shell (walls, windows, insulation) and heating and cooling systems. -Clean Energy Coalition, Ypsilanti, Michigan
  • Ask us about additional green choices available for your site construction. 

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