10 Reasons to Build a Modular

Authorities, like Bob Villa, testify that system-built homes “save money, they make sense…”

Some facts:

  1. Modular homes have 2 x 6 exterior walls constructed from the best lumber. On-site built houses are typically built with 2 x 4 walls and are open to rain during construction which can cause wood to warp or swell leading to a lifetime of structural problems
  2. Modular homes have superior construction materials and techniques. Materials cut with hand held equipment at a job site cannot compare to computerized precision cutting saws and jigs.
  3. To insure a secure trip to your home site, modular homes are built with up to 20% to 30% more lumber in framing your home.
  4. Our homes have a reduced threat of job-site theft and damage—problems that have plagued on-site building in recent years.
  5. Factory inspections cover every construction detail of systems-built homes which are built to the strictest codes (URC and IRC). Trained independent third party inspectors perform numerous inspections on each house.
  6. Factories offer skilled craftsmen steady employment and benefits, resulting in a consistent skilled labor force. You’ll have fewer worries about delays relating to inexperienced or tardy contractors as your home is nestled within the factory confines.
  7. With additional insulation and precision craftsmanship, system-built homes are more energy efficient. Your utility bills will be lower and will save you money in years to come. 
  8. You can custom order your new home and move it to your land in just a matter of weeks.
  9. Factories buy a large amount of lumber, sheet rock, paint etc. They get the highest quality products at bulk pricing.


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